When am I ready for the eCPPT?

Loving the lab machines for the PTP course. Even doing some of the eCPTX modules as well (the powershell for pentesters for that one is EXTREMELY revealing btw) but I’ve got soo much anxiety about the test. I’ve never worked in tech but got sponsored to take the OSCP last year… Grinded that PWK for a month straight full-time and panicked on the test day, thought it was the next day and didn’t prepare my environment. It was a mess. Not only did I not pass but I ended up getting banned. I wasn’t ready. I’m not sure if it was mental or technical or a little or a lot of both but I KNOW I don’t want a repeat of that experience. I’m just wondering what some other peoples metrics are for “when you’re prepared” to put my mind at ease. When you finish the following sentence, how does it go? “I’ll be ready to take the eCPPT when…”

Thanks for the post.

I am also not sure how “deep” the exam will be. In the labs there often have been small and big and important details which have not been included in the previous slides and videos. So it is kind of unpredictable what level is necessary to pass the exam. The exam prep labs aren’t too comprehensive. Also there are only three labs in the exam prep, all of them are part of the network security course. Does that mean that there will be no other topics from other courses (like system security, linux exploitation, web, …) part of the exam? Its kind of confusing…

Is there a separate course and labs through eLearnSecurity? I claimed my voucher through them but can’t access their PTP forums as it’s a members area and “I’m not enrolled in the PTP course” since I’ve done it all through INE. There’s not as many answers related to the exam here. I was looking for some answers about CPE credits related to taking the exam and how to claim them. Any advice? I really hated offsecs pretentious, higher-than-thou attitudes and unrealistic exam restrictions despite being “the O.G. realistic pentesting cert” but the community around their BS is ludicrously active and pretty nice to have; in which, speaking of the eCPPT or criticizing a thing about Offsec is like doing witchcraft in the middle-ages.