When will we have the eJPT v2 certification

I’m wondering if there are any news regarding the release of the v2 of the eJPT certification exam. Does anybody know?

We don’t have any information about the exam right now. All we know is Summer 2022 which could be anytime from now til the start of September really. Just keep an eye on emails/INE social media I suppose.


Yes, there will be a new eJPTV2 certification set to launch later this year.

Hi, will the training for it change? and will it still be free on a starter pass?



PTSv2 is fully updated and features the latest techniques and tools used by penetration testers in the field. In terms of content, we have gone deeper and have included labs for almost every video in the learning path so that student learning can be verified.

It is an improvement over V1 in almost every way.

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Hi Alexis,

I can see both the trainings ejpt and ejpt v2 are available. I am in dilemma which one should I go for. Can you please suggest?

I would say definitely go with v2. It has way more labs and it is an updated version.

Does someone knows if with Fundamentals Annual Subscription you will get the eJPTv2 voucher too? I already have a subscription and I’m studying on v2, and I would not finish to study it before the exam comes out, so I was hoping to take that cert

Hi Alexis,

Can you kindly guide me to where is the eJPT ver two training? Is it available to Premium+ customers?

Thanks & Regard,
Osama Faheem

Hello Osama,

Yes, it is available to Premium+ customers and you can find it here: INE.

Best Regards,

José Raeiro

Alexis, could you please reach out to me or give me the personal contact where I can reach out to you? I have an essential question for you.
I have an emergency. The Ine’s customer service told me this route is the only one I can use.

Hi. Alexis not here, but I’m more than glad to be able to help you bro! I took recently the beta test of the eJPTv2 certification and I’m more than willing to help you!

Please could you pass the message on to him? I have a personal question for Alexis. Unfortunately, there’s no way I can get him either to his platforms. This is an emergency, please

Yes, in the Fundamentals section you will have access to eJPTv2 material (PTSv2).