Windows Recon: Nmap Host Discovery - First Lab Doubt

Hi everyone,
I’m doing the ejpt v2 course and I’m on the lab of the section Active Information Gathering.

I am having some doubts and it does not seem to me that the requests are made correctly, even if are so easy. Or they are confusing anyway.

First doubt is about : Your task is to discover available live hosts and their open ports using Nmap and identify the running services and applications.
If we read the question it seems that we need to find more hosts available and for each of them we need to find which open ports it has.

In the solution, however, we focus only on the target host provided and present in “/ root / Desktop / target”. So I wonder, why is the question asked one way when the goal is different? Before looking at the solution I found the question very confusing.

Another doubt. The instructions tell you not to attack gateway IP addresses. I thought it was a requirement of the NMAP command to exclude certain IPs.

Is it just me thinking all these thoughts? Am I the only one who has found the questions a little dubious about the expected result?

Ty guys :smiley: and have a nice day

The questions are written that way to mimic the testing environment, not to trip you up. Also, not targeting Gateway IP’s is a “range-ism” statement that you will see in most CTF style events. It’s more so to say “Don’t waste effort here” more than anything else.