With the new lab environment - can i get burpsuite professional installed?


With the lab environment, i got access to a Kali GUI instance with the default burpsuite community edition. My question is, can i get burpsuite professional installed for my testing or i can only use the default burpsuite community edition?

I am asking this question, since i am still trying to figure out the newer lab setting.

yehh that is the downside of this update? I hope there is a vpn option again

As per INE

Future iterations of eCPPT and eWPT exams will rely on INE’s significant investment in browser-based lab technology. We are thrilled to share that when updated browser-based environment exams are released, they will be auto-graded, so there will be no more long and frustrating wait times

I’m not that thrilled… I loved the concept because of that you could you use your own machine/installation/configuration/tools and scripts.
By moving to this concept, you will loose the freedom of choosing your own setup and tools during your exam.

I hope that INE will reconsider this part as well.

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kindly could you post the source please ?

It was announced in one of the mailings…

So the reporting part is gone right ?

@khalid.alqattan-0157 , at this moment you still got to write a report…the exam is still via VPN…
I hope this will stay so. A report is part of a penetration test, so I don’t think it is bad to have it in an exam (I guess).