OSPF Header OR OSPF Field?

Hi everyone
i`m runnning R1 and R2 only

in this output we have Ethernet Header +IP Header+OSPF Header (which i put the red lines beside them) in the OSPF header there are OSPF Header Hello packet

that is weird to me.if we have IP Header and so on, how could we have OSPF header ?the header is something independent . is it should be OSPF field NOT header . OSPF header inside OSPF header. how is that works ?

what i understand now is , OSPF is not using only one header BUT it using 3 headers
it is not sending one header
it is sending 3 headers
3 headers on top of the ip packet
and the wireshark collaps all these 3 headers in only one section (wireshark behavior) which is Open shortest path first
but why only one is called “Header” and the others are nOT called “Header”?
and how about the “Open Shortest Path First” ? why it is NOT caled "Header "?
what is the difference between Ospf shortest path first header vs OSPF Header?
if both are headers ,header inside header ?
does the wireshrk developers forgot to put the "Header Keyword ?