TCP Congestion Control

Hello everyone,
in the TCP Congestion Control section of the CCIE R&S: Understanding Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) course there is an example of the slow start and congestion avoidance algorithms. Is this mechanism only in play if the Selective ACKs are not being used? If the Selective ACK option being used is there ever a transition between these algorithms in case of congestion or a need of the congestion avoidance algorithm?

Another question I have is that; at the final part of the same example, after the lost segments retransmitted and ACK is received from the receiver that is the step 15 of the video;
in the pdf file it mentions: “Slow-Start algorithm once again takes over and now controls CWND.”
However in the course slide it mentions as “Congestion-avoidance algorithm continues for duration of conversation…unless RTO of a segment occurs.”
Which one of these would be the expected behavior?

Thank you!

There are actually multiple implementations of TCP, such as TCP Reno and TCP Tahoe. It depends on what specific version the client/server are running.