Data exfiltration (eJPT preparation)

Hi, I am Rik and I cannot seem to get the Data Exfiltration assignment right. You can find the lab and instructions under Data Exfiltration which can be found in the Penetration Testing Prerequisites of the eJPT material (Penetration Testing Student). I seem to do everthing right. However, when using PacketWhisper to send a file from AdminELS machine, I dont receive DNS traffic on Wireshark which I run on my linux VM. Why don’t I get DNS traffic? Why don’t I get the file to my Linux VM? Please respond! Everyting might be useful.

  1. I assume the vpn connection is up and the target is reachable.
  2. Make sure you are using your using the tunnel interface IP of kali machine. ( As the DNS On target machine).
  3. Make sure nothing is blocking the traffic. (Antivirus/firewall)