eMAPT Failed Exam


I received feedback on members.elearnsecurity.com that I failed my eMAPT exam beause the delivered PoC crashed when used with the TEST apps.

I don’t agree with the result and given feedback. I tried my exploit application on the TARGET and TEST apps and it did extract the password and note without modification. I used a Pixel 5 API 24 AVD. The feedback doesn’t give any specifics, so I cannot reproduce the error that is described in the feedback. The feedback even suggested a vulnerability which I used in my exploit which leads me to believe that the source code was not looked at entirely.

I contacted support@ine.com regarding this issue and they redirected me to this forum where the instructors read the posts. Please reach out to me so we can resolve this issue.

I have 4 days left to finish the retake, so I hope for a timely response.

Beste regards