SQLi Challenges

Did anyone solve the SQLi challenges?
I am stuck on the second challenge. I understood the injection point and how to cause an error, but I didn’t manage to exploit it yet…

Managed all the challenges now. Contact me if you need help.


I did them all too. Though I have some trouble on the Authentication and Authorization labs. When you get there come on the INE unofficial discord so we can help eachother/you can help me on those xd

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Cool, sure, will do! That’ll be my next chapter.
On challenge 2 of SQLi , the only things I couldn’t do were:

  1. use sqlmap to grab ruud password. I managed to do it manually, but I couldn’t make sqlmap to inject the base64 encoded payload into the cookie …
  2. On the Arrogant Bank challenge I couldn’t change the money own by Giovanni to make him rich…somehow it seems I don’t have the privileges to write on the table accounts…