Lab Configuration to CML Conversion Script

Hello all,

Finally got my hands on CML (Cisco VIRL 2.0) and made the conversion from my own makeshift ESXi lab to CML for a more unified approach for CCIE studying.

Was playing around with the best way to manage the labbing of all the various topologies and config and decided that independent CML projects was the best approach. Sooooo I ended up writing a script to convert the raw INE device configs to importable pre-configured CML topologies ! Created the script for CML 2.2.3 (current version --time of this writing)

I’ll probably write up a blog post about it sometime, but am willing to share the script with those who are interested.

Not sure if this is the best place for these types of discussions, but thought I’d others know just in case you want to fast track your studying.

Can you tell me the system requirements to run the entire INE CCIE LAB ?

Thanks Much,