Learning Path to CCNP Encor

Hi Everyone,

I passed my CCNA few months ago and i’m on my way to begin ccnp enterprise studies burt i’m a bit confused on how to follow the right courses to achieve it on INE; i explain myself

There is a learning path called “CCNP Enterprise”, i just accessed it and gave a try to bgp core course (with Brian McGahan) ; chosed this one since i have no knowledge at all on bgp and there are no such subject on CCNA; But right from the 1st video, Brian says “hope you guys know well how it works” and it goes on some mid-level technical;

So i need some more basics video to begin ; I saw there is also a bunch of course called " CCNP Routing & Switching Technologies v2" or also " CCIE Routing & Switching v5.1 Advanced Technologies" and also many more

I understand you can find it all on Ine but what would be the right learning path to follow and not having to go from one course to another (and sometimes watching same information 2 or 3 times) ??

Thanks for your answers