Threat hunting exam | hunt 2 can't connect to rdp

Hi, I am currently taking the threat hunting exam but unfortunately I cannot connect to the Lab 2.

I am able to Ping it but RDP states "Remote Desktop can’t connect to the remote computer for one to these reasons: . . . "

I contacted INE and the tech support just extended my account and told me to reset the lab.

I did it but it’s not still working. I also did troubleshoot and a lot of configurations on my end but still the RDP fails.

Troubleshooting/Configuration I did which are not working.

-Reset the lab and download new ovpn file and import it
-Successful Ping and Failed Remote Desktop Connection
-Allowed Remote Desktop on Firewall
-Add the Remote Computer’s IP Addres to Your Hosts File
-Change settings to allow remote connections to this computer
-Allow Remote Assistance Connections to this Computer
-Change the listening port for Remote Desktop on your computer

Hope you can help so I can finish the exam.

Thank you!