Unclear lab challanges with webbased lab environment

Since a few weeks I follow the eWPT course. Now I noticed that there are only web-based labs and that they are equipped with the well-known vulnerable applications such as bWAPP and Mutillidae. In itself great to learn certain techniques.

However, these practice environments annoy me and I would like INE to supplement the labs with:

  • which exercises must be performed (there are several)
  • When an assignment is completed/when you have achieved the goal
    ** Which techniques should be used to finish the objective, flag or data you must have found

Personally, I think it’s a shame that the labs don’t resemble the web applications shown in the videos during a module. This is due to the look and feel of the environment.

I’ve included a screenshot of a lab description to show why I feel that way.
I think the old labs have moved to a new course " eWTP exam preparation". I’m happy with that because it gives me extra practice material.

@INE please take a look at the suggestions to add or enhance the labs to a real life scenario.