Why URL does not support PUT method but CURL can upload the file?


I have 2 questions for the lab “HTTP Method Enumeration” in module “Introduction to Web Application Penetration Testing”.

  1. Why URL does not suport PUT method but we can use CURL to upload a file with option “–upload-file”
  2. When we send a request using OPTIONS method, the result (allowed method list) is different between CURL and BurpSuite.

I don’t have in-depth knowledge that why this is happening, but I observed that in CURL you are using http [Port 80] and in burpsuite you are using https [Port 443]. So maybe that’s why, the allowed HTTP methods are varying.

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Thank you for your answer.

@wingluu2000-9269d639 Hello, could you please provide me with the lab in question? This will allow me to provide you with a better explanation as to why your attempt to upload a file failed.

Hi @AlexisA ,

Here is the lab [ HTTP Method Enumeration]:

Thank you