AZ500 Prerequisite

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Was trying to go for AZ-500 but it has the perquisites as AZ-104, is it necessary to go through that? Or can i directly start with AZ500 (Just have an idea of AZ900).
Anyone who has completed it, please review and let us know

Technically it is not necessary to complete AZ-104 prior to pursuing AZ-500. However, the AZ-500 exam is a difficult exam, and having a broader understanding of topics such as Azure AD, Azure networking, and Azure virtual machines will make it easier to master the advanced security topics that build on top of them. For example, understanding how Azure networking is configured will make it easier to understand how to integrate Azure Firewall into a security solution. On the INE platform, there is content overlap between the relevant AZ-104 content and the AZ-500 content. Any topic that appears in multiple courses will show up as complete everywhere once you complete it, so you know not to watch it twice unless you want to.

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@twallace-af7d9bafcde Really appreciate your suggestion. Also thought of it, instead of AZ500 only I could even give AZ-104 exam also.
Right now learning both! Thank you for amazing content.

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if you have thorough foundation (AZ900), you can easily follow AZ-500. I did so.

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@jaa - I think few people would describe the AZ-500 as easy. That is an achievement in itself, more so if you went right into it from AZ-900. Well done.

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Ty. IMHO, as the name implies, AZ-500 is an associate level exam. Microsoft recently released 4 security specialization exams.

  1. SC-200 : Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
  2. SC-300 : Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
  3. SC-400 : Microsoft Information Protection Administrator
  4. SC-900 : Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

Too many certs from Azure though. :sweat_smile: . Seems like those topics are also covered in the Azure Security Engineer Associate (AZ-500) learning path. Though not sure about Sentinel. @twallace-af7d9bafcde

Full disclosure, I have not taken the SC series exams yet. I have gone through the objectives though and listened to or read content from people who have taken them. Each of the exams overlaps with AZ-500, but each tends to go a bit deeper into a core knowledge domain (with the exception of SC-900). It’s interesting because Microsoft is really pushing the SC exams, but from a hiring perspective I would rather see someone with the AZ-500 and the more rounded knowledge base it represents. The sense I get from listening to some of the podcasts Microsoft has put out there is that people basically thought AZ-500 was too hard for an associate-level exam. That’s not what they said of course - it was couched in language that Microsoft listened to their customers who wanted more targeted security certifications, but I’ve been around long enough to know what that means. Also, yeah, they do have too many exams.

Yes true that! Too many certs from Microsoft, but as per Microsoft cert path blueprint AZ500 kind of involves of all security certs (It covers all aspects in Azure Cloud security).

In my recent exposure to SC series exam especially SC200 and SC 900 they go way deeper into domain specific.

As SC200 completely trains us with understanding of Microsoft Security Stack tools (Defender ATP, Sentinel, M365 defender etc.) -

  • Complete log monitoring, Incident response, deployment of various agents, threat hunting, SIEM natures etc

SC900 completely relates to the compliance and Identity specific.

As Tracy mentioned, AZ500 is more rounded, whereas SC certs are more deeper to security specific (Every useful for SOC, Compliance team)

Comparatively to SC series, AZ is bit challenging though

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@thecyberguy007 - awesome response, thanks!

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I just wanted to add that right now, Microsoft has several certifications for only $15, due to COVID-19. I don’t know how long this will last, but it’s definitely worth taking advantage of, if you want to add some MS certs to your repertoire. I took the AZ-900 and am planning on taking the AZ-500 soon. I used Tracey’s content to both pass my AZ-900 and to study for the AZ-500.

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