Cant access to course videos

I have been Subscribed today and when i select a course
I can only view the first video and when try to open other videos
I click on Get access button but nothing happend

I have the same issue

Same issue here! It’s annoying I’ve tried a lot of troubleshooting methods but the problem appears to be at the INE’s end.

The problem throws an error code: 232001 and says “The video file cannot be played”. I’ve attached a screenshot below for reference.

I tried three different browsers (Firefox, Brave, Chrome), cleared browser’s cache, disabled hardware acceleration, rebooted the system, tried access other videos from different course but all of the videos gave the same error, uninstalled all browser extensions, and even tried different OS ( Windows and Linux, earlier I was using Linux so I switched to Windows thinking that it might be problem but still the same error persists even in Windows )…

I need to get started with my certification studies…