Labs for INE

D Brown

I am prepping for my CCNP but don’t have any labs that I can test on. Is the CyberSecurity lab the only lab that INE provides? If so, does anyone know a place I can setup a lab and recreate scenarios from the INE videos?

Hello D Brown,
If you are an INE Premium subscriber then you have access to all of our embedded Lab Tasks that are sprinkled throughout our courses. The networking-based Lab Tasks are built upon a GNS3 backend. So if you open any of those Lab Tasks (even if it is for a technology you’re not interested in or have already mastered) you have the freedom to modify the GNS3 topology and create a new one that better fits your needs.

As an example, you could go to the course titled, “RSTP for Network Associates” open the Lab Task titled, “Enabling & Monitoring RSTP” and use that GNS3-based topology for whatever you need.

Hope that helps!