Question about new EWPT exam duration


Hello everyone and hopefully some INE members as well,

I have a question regarding the new EWPT exam since I’m a little confused about the current state of the exam. Looking up some reviews of the exam here in the forum and on the web, it says that you have 7 days for the exam and 7 days for the report to complete.
Now it looks like the EWPT exam is being refactored and the new release date states that the exam will be released on October 24th, 2023, but it says there are going to be 48 questions and a time limit of 10 hours?

I couldn’t find any clarification in regard to this, so please if someone knows more about this what the actual duration of the exam is comment on this…

Thank you

I think I’m in the same shoes as you man… say a youtube video reviewing the exam, seems totally different from the older format but I can’t find answers on the official website, would be cool if anyone from the staff could answer since we actually paid for the exam and access to courses

maybe our master @AlexisA is able to answer us? Sorry man for tagging you in here, you said yourself to feel free to reach out to you :slight_smile:

Hi to find an answer I am in the same situation as you

its 10 hours. recently did it