SecondOrder SQLi labs - how/where to start?

I’m lost on how to get started on the 2nd order SQLi lab for xWPT. There are PHP files that need to be hosted on a “”. My expectation is that there is a machine on the VPN range that serves as this site, however the instructions do not mention anything about this and there is no machine on the range that would qualify for this. Does anybody know whether there a in the lab range, or do I need to host the PHP files on my own attacking machine?

Please note that I am not having any DNS issues with the VPN, http://info.2ndorder.labs/ is resolving just fine for me.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Question is no longer relevant. I fixed it by installing virtualbox with a kali image on my (windows) attacking machine, and worked with the PHP files and SQLMap from the VM. Would advice to replace all “” mentions in the lab instructions and solutions files to to avoid others arriving in the same confusion that I did.

works if you update your dns conf. recommended for the whole course.