Data Exfiltration Lab- saving a file

I’ve saved the code to a file on the desktop in Kali but I get an error when typing the command “python 80”. I’ve save it a couple of different ways/locations and I get another error “invalid syntax”. What am I doing wrong?

This is all new to me and I was under the impression that Penetration Testing Prerequisites was for beginners. I’ve spent more time googling topics covered in this course than I have on the course itself.

I wish there was an example of how/where to save a file. Someone please help, thanks.

Hi there Jesse!

In your screenshot, I see two things that are jumping out at me. First, on the left-hand window, check the first line of your file, there appear to be some extra characters there.

Second, verify that you are in the correct directory in your console session. The “~” in the prompt indicates that you are in the default directory for the root user, which normally is not the Desktop folder (where you have the file saved). You can use the ‘pwd’ command to show your current working directory and then change directories as needed from there.

Keep persevering, it pays off in the end! We all have started where you are now, and we only learn from the mistakes we make along the way :slight_smile:

I fixed the first part of the file, thanks for pointing that out. I don’t understand what your second paragraph means. Again, I’m new to all of this and this course hasn’t explained how to save a file. As simple as that sounds, I don’t know how to do it in Kali.
Should I be taking the another course to learn all these nuances?
Is there something I can read that shows these steps or examples? I’ve been googling topics but nothing I’ve found pertains to what I’m looking for.

Are other students spending more time researching than on these courses?

I didn’t realize I was going to spend this much time researching on my own to understand this material. Given the cost per subscription, I thought I was going to learn everything I needed in these courses. Please provide any links or help.

I’m not giving up. At this point, I don’t know if I’m not using this platform correctly or if I have to rely on outside sources to finish these courses. The subscription is a lot of money, especially during these times. Given the cost, I was expecting to learn everything I needed on this platform. Any advice? Thanks for the help.