Is a windows VM required for the eCPPT exam?

Hey guys,

I’m going to take eCPPT later in November. I’ve done all the labs in my laptop which has Kali as its main and only OS.
However I’ve seen that people mention you need a windows VM for the exam. Is that really necessary?
I’ve encountered several issues when trying to install a windows vm inside my Kali.

I guess the windows VM is for something related to buffer overflows. I’ve practiced with Gatekeeper in TryHackMe and to solve it I had to transfer the .exe to a separate laptop I have (that runs windows as its main OS). If I can do the same for eCPPT then I would be ok but I just want to make sure.

At this point where I already have all my tools in my main laptop with Kali, I’d prefer not to switch to another environment and keep it that way.

You will have a whole network to connect to for eCPPT. You only need your attack machine. If you have done well with the labs in PTP, then you shouldn’t have any issues.

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Yes you need one for the exam. You can use either windows 10 or windows 7. I used windows 10 and ran the program in compatibility mode for windows 7. Make sure it is 64 bit, lastly make sure you turn off your firewall and real time protection on the Windows VM. You can send the buffer overflow executable to yourself on an actual windows machine and then from there do the buffer overflow, they do not provide a Windows VM to do a buffer overflow on like OSCP does.

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