Is there any blueprint available for ELS certification exams?

I was searching all over the internet for proper exam blue prints on ELS certification exams such as eCPPT, eCPPTx, eWPT ,eWPTx etc, but couldn’t find anything specific. All i could able to find was the brief intro for each certifications on the ELS website. Just wanted to know, if there are any exam blueprint documents/syllabus available for the above mentioned certifications?

Hey jaa,

We have a lot of new collateral coming and some other announcements next week during redefINE, but, to not leave you hanging, I found a diagram we used during old eLS course launches. This is a course diagram and not a cert diagram, but you’ll get it. Also, it is not inclusive of every offering, but will give you a decent start to a personal career roadmap.

We recommend everyone start with PTS, then make your own decision to go blue or red. Hopping between the 2 is also an option. If you are new it IT much less security, that’s part of the beauty of the entire INE Platform. There’s some great CCNA and Network+ content to get you up to speed on the networking side, the basis for all of this.

Hope that helps,


that does look like some good pathing

Great diagram and thank you so much for sharing it @Don :slight_smile:
Excuse my ignorance, but what is the XDS (it comes right after the eJPT’s PTS)?

Thank you SO much for building this amazing community for us!!

Can always chat with me too Lola. I can try to get you going in the right direction.


Oh wow, thank you so much, @TheMayor !!! Really, really appreciate it!! Absolutely love your work and your journey!! :slight_smile:

Good to see the new developments, as mentioned in redefINE event.
A suggestion, INE should have a page for FAQ on certification and exams related doubts. It will help a lot of candidates. Ty

XDS is our Exploit Development Student course. Although it has the word “Student” in it, this is just to signify that it is a beginner exploit dev course. But it is by no means a beginner level security course. That’s why it’s a little higher. However, it is a decent next option after PTS for those who come from a dev background, as learning the code behind an exploit sets a solid foundation.

For most just starting in security, I recommend IHRP to then get a good footing on the blue side. Seeing both sides and determining what grabs you personally makes for a much more fulfilling career path. Helps to love what you do and not just do it because one thought it might be kewl. Trust your heart!!

But from a pentesting point of view, PTP or WAPT are great next steps, too. That’s another great thing about the INE Platform… you can poke around in every course without having to pay for the whole thing.

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Thank you so much for your detailed reply @Don !!! Really appreciate it!!
My heart belongs to the red side :heart:
And of course exploit development is a very important and interesting topic I do plan on exploring, for sure!!
I tried to go through the course’s topics but it is not included in the starter pass, correct?

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My pleasure.

Love the answer. If you know where your heart belongs, then your career path pretty much dictates itself. :slight_smile:

Correct… XDS is not part of the Starter Pass. You can get access to all of content in the Monthly Sub (including all courses throughout the entire INE catalog), but labs and other perks are part of the Premium Annual Sub. But you can get a good idea of the content.

Good luck!

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