Lab 0 - Sharing Files Between the Host OS and a Linux VM

When beginning your journey with the Cyber Security content on the INE Platform, students are told numerous times that Parrot or Kali Linux are the way to go. With many things in life, there are exceptions to every rule. As students progress past the first recommended Learning Path of Penetration Testing Student (PTS), there may be an occasion to use their local OS, Windows or OSX. Even though you’ve heard us go on incessantly about hacker tools and their penchant for being on Linux, there are admittedly some commercial tools (and their free, community editions) that are not available for Linux at all. Students may also find that they prefer using their host OS to navigate, study the course materials and control the labs, then move to Linux to complete the goals of the labs. Either way, there arises the need to move files between the Linux VM and your host OS. This written tutorial shows you how.

Lab 0 - Sharing Files Between the Host OS and a Linux VM.pdf (1.1 MB)

Thanks for the tips.
If I may also suggest for people using VMWare, it is possible to set a python HTTP server from the Host machine and share to the VM, or vice-versa. Files could be retrieved directly from the web browser. Just make sure both machines are in the same network.

Very true, and this is a method we often use to load shellcode or anything else we need. However, Lab 0 comes way before we teach them about:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer [port]


ICYMI , Python SimpleHTTPServer has been migrated to python http.server module in python 3.
python3 -m http.server [port]

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