Latest Oracle VM VirtualBox Installer won't run on Mac M1? Need help

Hi everyone!

I am Keith new to INE and excited to learn here.

Have some challenges installing the latest version of Oracle VM VirtualBox Installer on my Mac M1. It gives an error saying “The installer has detected an unsupported architecture. VirtualBox only runs on the amd64 architecture.” Does anyone here got the same experience or know how to address this? Would really appreciate your help.



Pretty sure the M1 is ARM based my man.
Without specific emulation AMD64 won’t run on ARM(64)
You will find forums mentioning it’s not possible on your specific hardware I’m sure.


Appreciate it, my man. What VM is the alternative to use so I can access our LABS? Do you have any advice on it?

So… while virtual box will not work on your platform, you might still be able to run an ARM iso through parallels.
The official ARM images are here.

But I’m pretty sure you need the bare metal M1 rolling ISO from here (below) and then you can use parellels

I’ve only used parallels to install windows for end users so I haven’t tested what I’ve mentioned and is hopefully shown in the video, but maybe this will help you.

Hi @ecpdubb ! This is really helpful and thank you for taking time to give this information. Have a great day!


As a long term virtualization solution, i would recommend using: