Question about new content & typo fixing

First of all hello guys! This is my first post ever on this platform i am just testing :stuck_out_tongue: .

I was wondering if the PTP course will be updated some time soon and what happens if it gets updated and i have my exam scheduled. I have the premium pass and i am studying for the PTP course. I think that in 3 months from now i will be ready to take the exam. Is there a chance till that time that the course will be updated?? One more thing, am i doing something wrong to submit the typos(where i find them ? :stuck_out_tongue: ). It would be good if typos were fixed too.

I believe updating the course requires lot of time and research and as per INE during the Redefine program they did mention about updating certain INE courses. Maybe it will be upcoming in future. We just have to wait.! However till we get an update, we can continue with the current course and give the exam.

Before update: If we give the exam, we will still have the access to INE library as per subscription we can always learn

After update exam: If we are getting an update before exam, i think we can reschedule the exam and prepare with the latest update. The INE support team will help us, they are always in frontline for student issues

U can always DM me for collaborating in learning since even I have been preparing for PTP and other courses.

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