What is going on with this lab maintenance?

Last month when i was trying to do some labs, it was showing “under maintenance”. Today I was trying to do the Malware analysis, same story.

Under maintenance
We're sorry, but this lab is currently under maintenance. Please try another lab or try again in a few minutes.

When is this going to be solved? I see many users are facing this issue with the labs.
If there is a scheduled maintenance, INE at-least should have informed to their subscribers , so that they can plan the activities instead of wasting the time.
This is really unprofessional.

I have the same issue with the Red Teaming Active Directory labs…

It is still down. INE should rephrase the message try again in a few minutes. to try again after few days or weeks??
Did anyone receive any email regarding this downtime from INE?

Update: The support team has replied that the backend team is working on this issue + some lab UI activities are going on. Also they dont have any ETA

Same on PTP course. And yesterday there were differents labs also, for example i had the usual Information Gathering lab, and a “Information Gathering - Beta” lab, completely different.
Today there is only the beta version, which is a live kali instance, and you can’t connect anymore via openvpn to the labs with your own kali vm.
Same happens for all the labs in the PTP course.
I really hope they will put back online the classic lab version. Or at least send an explanation email.
Very disappointed.
@jaa Any updates from support?

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last month also, the labs were down for some time (or days). This time again.
I can understand the maintenance part. But i really expected them to sent an intimation mail about the maintenance activity, so that i could have planned my tasks accordingly.
Imagine, going through the videos and when trying to do the labs, they are down. for days. Very frustrating.

Btw, some of the labs are up. Though, there are no updates from the support. This is what they said in the mail.
I will notify you via this case once they have resolved this issue. At this time, I do not have an ETA.

Regarding the new labs, i think they are trying to implement the browser based labs. All the labs from PentesterAcademy are browser based. They might be integrating it with the INE platform.

I am so disappointed. The in-browser labs don’t prepare us for the exam. All the classic labs were deleted without explanation. I hate this.

I brought it up too Neal on this yesterday. I just checked at 4am Mountiain time and still down.
Maintenance should be notified and never done for 24 hours.

Same Issue with THP course labs, They have hidden my concerns as well when I raised them