Cisco CCNA practice with Eve-NG

As I go through the CCNA 200-301 Learning Path, I find out an amazing way to practice cisco commands that I really want to share with everyone learning it. With that said, I utilized Eve-NG to build a small wired network as demonstrated in the “Beginning The Cisco Journey” course.

Keith’s network topology:

Here is how it might look like with Eve-NG:

Components to build this network are:

From my personal experience when building this network, it’s very close, or even same to the one Keith demonstrates in his course, so def awesome for CCNA practice. Yet, the only problem is Eve-NG will consume large amount of memory as I expand the network. If you have a powerful pc, i.e. ~32GB RAM, you should be fine.

That is everything from my view, I hope this will help you, if you have any question, or suggestions, please let me know. If you want to build a network together, I’m also willing as well.


Thanks for sharing that with everyone Jay!

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